ProVision became Inforca’s client in early 2017 which makes them one of our first clients. ProVision already had a Magento 1-based system developed by an agency in Melbourne. From time to time, the store would run into unexplained errors, jeopardising the user experience for their customers.

What ProVision does – as we understand is that they become a ‘backbone’ of their members. Members are generally Australian optometrists and they leverage the system that Inforca built which allows them to get access to a catalog of optical frames and labs that manufacture lenses.

We assessed the technologies that ProVision was using carefully like peeling each layer of an onion. Long story short, we completely rebuilt their stack on AWS in a relatively a short amount of time and the errors disappeared. The root cause happened to be a system that was implemented for speed optimisations that was misconfigured. In the end, this optimisation was not even needed as the store’s response time was quicker than before.

Over time, we helped ProVision hire a full time, on-site IT staff as well as re-develop their ProSupply system in Magento 2, adding convenient features customers.

Technologies Deployed

Magento 2
Amazon Web Services
Live Chat
Custom Modules